What I’m reading ~ 16/7/2017

  1. The last hedge fund put bull [Institutional Investor]
  2. No Price Discovery Then No Markets; A Reader’s Question [cs investing]
  3. The legacy of leadership [Freedom to create]
  4. Creation and consumption [Benedict Evans]
  5. What’s really holding back block chain in financial services [American Banker]
  6. Jay Regan, Investing Pioneer, on Hedge Funds, Fees, and Competitive Markets [Collaborative fund]
  7. Market Prediction is Harder Than You Think [Peter Lazaroff]
  8. A CEO’s Guide to Generating Value [BCG]
  9. The logic of patience [value investor India]
  10. Fund Management’s Future? Milking Cows [BBG Gadfly]
  11. Amazon Prime and other Subscription Businesses: How do you Value a Subscriber? [25iq]

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