What I’m reading ~ 28/7/2017

  1. The Most Important Moat [Base Hit Investing]
  2. Howard Mark: There they go again … again [Oaktree Capital]
  3. This Is Why It’s so Hard to Be a Contrarian Investor [Medium]
  4. Betting on the Best Alphabet Whitney Tilson Kase Capital Italy
  5. Why Finance is becoming Hyperscalable [Disruptive Finance]
  6. Greenlight Q2 letter
  7. Can anyone bury Bloomberg [Institutional Investor]
  8. The Surprising Personality Trait That Massively Improves Decision-Making, According to Science [Inc]
  9. A Hermes Birkin bag generates higher return than stocks? [BagHunter]
  10. James Gorman, CEO of Morgan Stanley: Managing a Wall Street Firm [BBG]
  11. Perceived Versus Real Risk Tolerance [The Aleph Blog]
  12. Billionaire Ray Dalio and Timothy Geithner: Investing In The Current Global Economy





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